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Idaho Lemon Laws: Your Rights To Arbitration And Compensation

Idaho Lemon Laws: Know Your Rights and Eligibility

Buying a new vehicle is exciting. But what happens when your new car or truck starts having repeated issues?

That is when Idaho Lemon Laws apply. If you are wondering if your car qualifies under Idaho Lemon Laws, this article will provide you with essential details to determine your eligibility, time limits, reasonable repair attempts, manufacturer’s obligations, and arbitration.

Eligibility of Lemon Law in Idaho

The primary purpose of Idaho Lemon Laws is to protect consumers from the ineffective performance of new vehicles. These laws provide you with a legal remedy when you have repeatedly taken your vehicle for repair under a warranty, but your vehicle continues to experience the same problems, even after the manufacturer has attempted to repair it multiple times.

Under Idaho Lemon Laws, the protection only applies to new vehicles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. The law does not apply to used vehicles, leased vehicles, or trucks weighing more than 12,000 pounds.

Lemon Law Time Limit

You must act fast when you encounter issues with your new vehicle. The Idaho Lemon Law grants the manufacturer a certain amount of time before you can file a claim.

This time limit is known as ‘Lemon Law Rights.’

If the manufacturer has already attempted to fix the issues, but your car still has defects, you are entitled to file a claim under the Lemon Law rights. However, before you can do so, you must be sure that the time limit has expired.

In Idaho, your Lemon Law rights expire 24 months after the purchase or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, if you experience the issues before the expiration of Lemon Law rights, you can still file a claim as long as you do so within the two-year period after the purchase or 24,000 miles.

Repair Attempts

The Idaho Lemon Law defines “A reasonable number of attempts” as the number of attempts by the manufacturer to repair a “serious defect” after receiving written notice of the problem from the vehicle’s owner, dealer, or authorized agent. What is a serious defect?

A serious defect is any defect that significantly harms the vehicle’s value or poses a substantial risk of personal injury or death to the driver. To comply with Idaho Lemon Laws, the vehicle’s manufacturer must have the opportunity to repair the serious defect after receiving a written notice of the issue from the vehicle’s owner.

Written Notice

When you realize that your car has a serious defect, you must provide the manufacturer with a written notification of the issue to comply with the Lemon Law. This notification must be sent by certified mail and should outline the issue, the dates, and the number of attempts that were made to repair the defects.

After receiving the written notice, the manufacturer has ten days to respond to you and inform you in writing of any authorized repair facilities. If the manufacturer does not respond within ten days, they are automatically considered to consent to the location of the repair facility.

Idaho Lemon Law Arbitration

When you file a claim under Idaho Lemon Laws, the first step is arbitration. Arbitration is a dispute resolution process that can provide you with a very favorable outcome.

The manufacturer will be required to attend the arbitration hearing and provide evidence of the repair attempts made to fix the problem. If the arbitrator finds that the manufacturer did not make a reasonable attempt to fix the problem, you can get a refund or a car replacement.

If you accept this option, the Idaho Lemon Law allows manufacturers sixty days to provide you with a vehicle replacement. In case, the manufacturer does not comply with the arbitration ruling; you can seek relief in a District Court.


Believe it or not, Idaho Lemon Laws are here to protect you as a consumer from a faulty vehicle purchase. By understanding your rights and following the correct legal proceedings, you can receive compensation for the problematic vehicle.

If you have a new car or truck that has serious defects, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced lemon law attorney. They can help you through the process of filing a claim, which can be complex and daunting.

With an attorney’s assistance, you can be sure that your Lemon Law rights are protected. In summary, Idaho Lemon Laws protect consumers from the ineffective performance of new vehicles.

To be eligible, you must have a new car or truck under the manufacturer’s warranty, and you must act fast when you encounter issues. The law defines “reasonable repair attempts” as the repairs made by the manufacturer to fix a “serious defect.” If you file a claim under the Idaho Lemon Law, the manufacturer must attend arbitration, and you can get a refund or a car replacement.

It is essential to follow the correct legal proceedings, and an experienced lemon law attorney can help you through the process. Understanding your rights and following the legal procedures can help you receive compensation for a problematic vehicle purchase.

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