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Nebraska Sexting Laws: Know the Legal Consequences

Nebraska Sexting Laws: Understanding the Legal Consequences

As technology continues to advance and become more accessible, so does the prevalence of sexting. Sexting is defined as the exchange of sexually explicit materials, usually via digital means.

It can involve sending explicit photos, videos, or messages, and may involve minors. However, the law is strict when it comes to sexting involving minors and child pornography possession.

In this article, we will discuss Nebraska sexting laws, the definition of child pornography, punishment for offenders, affirmative defenses for sexting, and other sex offender related offenses.

Possession of Child Pornography

One of the most severe consequences of child pornography possession in Nebraska is a felony charge. Nebraska law defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a child under the age of 18.

If a person is found in possession of child pornography, it is a Class IV Felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. In some cases, if the child is under the age of 12, the offender may be charged with a Class III felony, punishable by up to twenty years in prison.

Punishment for Offenders

If an individual is charged with possession of child pornography, the consequences can include being registered as a sex offender, juvenile court proceedings, or adult court proceedings. Individuals who are found guilty of such charges face many restrictions, including job limitations, living restrictions, and the inability to be near children.

Affirmative Defense for Sexting

An affirmative defense is a legal defense to a criminal charge that allows the defendant to avoid a conviction. In Nebraska, there is an affirmative defense for sexting if the defendant is within four years of age of the person depicted and only one child is depicted.

Additionally, the defense is only applicable if the material was voluntarily created and distributed and the defendant had no criminal intent to distribute child pornography.

Other Related Offenses

There are other sex offender related offenses in Nebraska, including debauching a minor, pandering, soliciting a minor, violation of privacy, sextortion, and phone sexual harassment. These crimes are illegal and can carry severe legal penalties, just like the possession of child pornography.

Child Pornography Creation, Possession, and Distribution

According to Nebraska law, the definition of child pornography includes sexual activity, which can involve a minor posing sexually or engaging in sexual activity. Possession of such material has severe consequences, and individuals who share or distribute child pornography face harsher legal penalties.

Punishment for Possession and Distribution

Individuals found in possession of child pornography are often charged with a Class IV Felony, which can result in a prison sentence of up to two years and/or a fine of up to $10,000. Those who distribute child pornography in Nebraska can face a Class III Felony, which carries a minimum mandatory prison sentence of one year and up to twenty years in prison.

A fine of up to $25,000 may also be imposed.

Sharing with Third Person

Sharing, transferring, or selling child pornography with a third party is also considered a crime in Nebraska. A person found guilty can be charged with distribution, transportation, selling or purchasing, and shipping of child pornography.

These offenses are prosecuted like any other criminal activity, and the concerned persons can face felony charges and hefty fines.

Registration as a Sex Offender

The consequences of being found guilty of creating, possessing, or distributing child pornography are severe. Individuals convicted may be required to register as a sex offender and submit DNA samples to the Nebraska State Patrol’s sex offender registry.

In addition, individuals convicted may find it challenging to obtain employment or find housing, as registered sex offenders are often not welcome in many communities.


In conclusion, sexting and child pornography are illegal in Nebraska, and persons found guilty of such charges can face severe legal penalties. Individuals who are unsure about the legality of their actions should always seek legal advice before engaging in any such activities.

With a better understanding of Nebraska sexting laws, individuals can make informed decisions about their actions and avoid facing severe legal consequences. Sexting between Minors: Understanding the Consequences

Sexting between minors is a significant concern for many parents, schools, and law enforcement agencies in Nebraska.

Sexting often involves the sending of explicit images or messages via mobile or social media platforms between minors. Although it may seem like harmless fun, sexting between minors can lead to legal consequences.

In this article, we will look at Nebraska’s sexting laws regarding minors and the punishment for offenders.

Petty or Misdemeanor Offenses

In Nebraska, minors who engage in sexting may be charged with petty or misdemeanor offenses. These cases are usually prosecuted in juvenile court, where the accused can be tried for the offense of creating, possessing, or distributing child pornography.

When minors violate Nebraska sexting law, they may receive a warning from the court, probation, house arrest, or parole. In some cases, juveniles may be put under court supervision for a period and subjected to regular check-ins with a parole officer.

Depending on the severity of the offense, the accused may be required to participate in counseling.

Federal Crimes or Felonies

In cases where minors violate Nebraska sexting laws multiple times, or if the involvement of the minors is with an adult, federal charges may be filed. This often results in a trial in an adult court and could make the defendant liable for registration as a sex offender.

It is also worth noting that minors can be tried in adult court with multiple sexting charges and may lose the right to future employment or trusted public service positions. Consequently, involvement with sexting may have lasting consequences and ruin an individual’s future prospects.

Debauching a Minor and Pandering

Nebraska law prohibits debauching and pandering to minors. Debauching a minor is when an individual lewdly induces, solicits, or arranges a contact or interaction between a minor and another person to engage in sexual activity.

This applies regardless of whether the exchange includes explicit images or is simply flirty communications. If found guilty, a person can face both imprisonment and registration as a sex offender.

Pandering involves trafficking in minors or encouraging minors to engage in prostitution, sex trafficking, or pornographic activities. Similarly, if found guilty, a person can receive a sentence of up to fifty years in prison and may end up listed on the state’s sex offender registry.

Soliciting a Minor

Soliciting a minor is an offense in Nebraska, which involves coaxing, enticing, or luring a minor to engage in sexual conduct or to be a part of the creation of explicit materials. Soliciting can also include obtaining or inducing minors to produce or distribute sexts or other explicit materials.

Nebraska’s laws against soliciting a minor are strict, and the court may determine the offense depending on the following factors:

– The age of the minor

– Whether the solicitor is a minor or an adult

– The relationship between the minor and the solicitor

– The nature of the communication, timing, and context.

Unlawful Intrusion and Privacy Violation

Nebraska’s laws also prohibit unlawful intrusion, recording or photographing of someone’s intimate areas, and sharing explicit images without express consent. Law enforcement agencies approach such cases as class IV, II, or IIA felonies, depending on the severity of the offense.

An offense is considered a class IV felony if:

– The crime involves taking an image of any person, including a minor. – The person’s intimate areas are photographed or recorded without their consent.

– The images are disseminated through social media or other platforms. It is considered a class II felony if:

– The images in question are of minors.

– The images are circulated to promote a commercial enterprise or financial gain. Finally, it is a class IIA felony if:

– The images are of minors exhibiting sexual or lewd conduct.

– The images are recorded or photographed under the guise of medical or safety-related procedures.

Phone Sexual Harassment

Nebraska’s state laws protect citizens from all forms of sexual harassment, including obscene language or acts via electronic communication. These laws require individuals to comport themselves according to average person standards in contemporary society.

Individuals who go against these standards and exhibit prurient interest, shameful interest, or morbid interest can be charged and sometimes even listed on the sex offender registry.

In Summary

Nebraska’s sexting laws prohibit minors and adults from engaging in sexting with minors and sharing of explicit images without consent. Minors that engage in sexting are not exempt from the law and may face petty or misdemeanor charges.

Individuals caught violating the sexting laws in Nebraska face severe consequences like imprisonment, fines, registration as a sex offender, or loss of educational or job-related opportunities. It is imperative to understand the laws surrounding sexting to make informed decisions that protect against legal sanctions and negative consequences.

In summary, sexting and related offenses are severe criminal actions in Nebraska. Individuals caught creating, possessing, or distributing explicit materials involving minors can face serious legal penalties, including felonies, imprisonment, fines, probation, and sex offender registration.

It’s crucial to note that minors are not exempted from the law, and their involvement in sexting may have negative consequences on their future prospects. Therefore, it’s critical to have an understanding of Nebraska sexting laws and the legal ramifications involved.

This ensures everyone stays safe from the legal sanctions of sexting and any negative impacts that might result.

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